Ernest Prakasa & The Oriental Bandits – Post-Event Notes (Part 1)

[photo by @conecamera]

[photo by @conecamera]

I will write about #GKJ9Feb in three separate posts. The first one is the credit title. I want the world to know, that I owe:


My wife Meira Anastasia. My catalyst. My ever-so-dependable wing(wo)man. My loyal partner for the last 11 years.

My daughter Sky Tierra Solana. My 1/3.

My mom, dad, & sister: Wahyudi Hidayat, Jennie Lim, & Audrey Jiwajennie.

My manager Dipa Andika. The ice to my fire. The one who’s responsible in making sure that everything is taken care of, so that I can focus on my performance. Without him, my head will be torn apart.

My personal assistant Fauzan Taufik. The one who gets everything done & rarely dissapoints.

My babysitter Sulis “Umi” Sumartini, who inspired a 10-mins of hard-rockin’ materials.

My openers: Dwika Putra, Barry Williem, Vania “Alonk” Margonoharto, Yullianto “Lian” Lin. I will write more about them on the next post.

Our main partner, Multiply: Vina Gondosaputro, Mario Fajar, Reginald Suriasubrata, Cicillia Veti Irnawati, Edi Saputra, and the whole team.

Our broadcasting partner, Metro TV: Lanny Bergmann, Agus Mulyadi, and the whole team.

Our event partner: Holycow Radal, CupCakes & Co, Papa Rons Pizza, Coca-Cola Amatil, Beritagar.

#GKJ9Feb event management team:
– Sessa Xuanthi, the rock-solid commander in chief.
– Triantono Adiputro, ever-so-reliable the head of production.
– Production team: Haris Kristyanto, Yogi Trisno Purnama, Dimas Yudhistira, Mardi.
– Show management team: Wahyu Hidayat, Maria Ulfa, Frita Oktaviyani, Febrian.
– Ticketing & usher team: Frans Kertanegara, Melya Puspita, Christian Febriano Romlin, William Piet, Claudie Faustine, Varian Adi Putra, Dionisius Silvester Ferdi, Mario Aditya.
– Merchandise coordinator: Christian Dwi Saputra.

Cone Camera’s awesome photo & video team: Okky Prasetyo, Gusti Satriyo, Bapuk, Gogo Agogo, Ersta Satrya, Danis Pamuka, Dimas Oetomo, Rosyid Akbar.

My comic inspiration:
– Pandji Pragiwaksono, who set an example on how to be a good entertainer.
– Isman H. Suryaman, who taught me to prioritize honesty in writing my materials.
– Muhadkly “Acho”, who showed me that you don’t have to always talk about serious stuff to be a great comic.
– Genrifinadi “Ge” Pamungkas, who gave me an example on how to act it all-out.
– Kevin Hart, who proved that if mastered well, story-telling is a powerful, powerful tool. I owe my closing bit to him.
– Ellen Degeneres, who inspired me every single step of the way. Who instilled self-belief in my style of performance.

And last but most definitely not least, to all that came to see the show. None of this matters without your support. I’m humbled with gratitude 🙂




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a husband, a father, comedian. guess which one makes me laugh the hardest?

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  1. Level up koh Ernest, we wait for the next show, JC bless :))

  2. Great show! Ngakak abis, terutama bagian “Salam Manis Selalu Untuk Kawanku”. Nostagila banget dah. Ketahuan banget kita angkatan tahun berapaan. Hahaha… Tapi (pake tapi neh), lampu sorot yg ada di balkon bener2 bikin patah hati, karena posisinya yang mengganggu kenyamanan menonton. Kesimpulan: Lain kali, gw akan lebih borju, ga’ beli barang KW (apalagi KW3) #Curcol penonton KW3 yg tergusur karena lampu sorot songong.

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