#MeremMelekTour – The Credit Title

Merem Melek Tour is nothing but a mere wish if it weren’t for these people. Here’s my thank you list.

First and foremost, my pal Jesus Christ. Thanks dude, you’re the best!

My wife Meira Anastasia. Thanks for being a solid partner in everything I do. I’m truly blessed.

My manager Dipa Andika, who worked almost as hard as I did, every step of the way. Thanks bro.

My man behind the lens, Pio Kharisma. Without him, #MMT wouldn’t have so many stories to share.

My opener in 11 cities, Ge Pamungkas. A brilliant talent whom i learned a lot from.

The local communities and their coordinators. @StandUpIndo_BDG (Nita Sellya & Sanny Durant), @StandUpIndoSMG (Gondrong), @StandUpSOLO (Allan Bona), Eko Julianto & @StandUpIndoBALI (Cok Jayanthi & Kalpika Sari), @StandUpIndo_MLG (Yoel Yaspier), @StandUpIndo_SBY (Angga Prameswara), @StandUpIndoMKSR (Aldy Permana), @StandUpSMD (Setiawan Yogy), @StandUpPLK (Arie Sadewo). You made this happen.

Coffee Toffe Indonesia who sponsored 6th to 10th city. To Mika Affandy thanks for trusting me, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. To Rachman Maulana, thanks for your hard work. I’m honored.

My guest comics & dear friends: Ence Bagus (Bandung & Surabaya), Asep Suaji (Semarang & Solo), Luqman Baehaqi (Makassar & Kendari), Rindra Dana (Samarinda & Palangkaraya), Adriano Qalbi (Denpasar), Muhadkly Acho (Malang), Reggy Hasibuan (Malang), & Insan Nur Akbar (Surabaya). Thanks for sharing the stage, comrades!

All the cool local comics that opened the show: Gianluigi CH & Sanny Durant (Bandung), Adi Siswowidjono & Hana Medina (Semarang), Hernawan Yoga & Derry Poerba (Solo), Maha Nanda & Rizki Akbar (Denpasar), Fito MD & Arie Kriting (Malang), Topenk & Arief Alfiansyah (Surabaya), Hidayat Rizal & Prayudha Said (Makassar), Ipank (Kendari), Setiawan Yogy & Achmad Rizky (Samarinda), Arie Sadewo & Anggri Lukman (Palangkaraya). Thanks for your support.

Lastly, for #MMTJKT. Special thanks for the super vigilant team:

Project Director: Sessa Xuanthi
Tour Manager: Dipa Andika
Promoter: Hannindiah Wisito & Abdul Ghofur (Delima Production)
Head of Production: Anton Triantono
Show Director: Didit Hidayat
Photographer: Pio Kharisma
Media Relations: Jaqueline Susanto & Dhani Indranila
Talent Coordinator: Frita Oktaviyanti
Ticketing Team: Andi “Awwe” Wijaya, Budisetianto Utomoputro, Gina Mahardika, Setiawan Yogy, Fauzan Taufik
Floor, stage, & foyer team: Cherish Putra, Yogie Purnama, Heri Hertanto, Sari Maria Ulfa, Rizka Kristalia, Aulia, Ferdi, Trin Septiwati, Sherly Nurmiyana, Poppy
Logistics: Mardi & Pi’i

My friends that shared the stage: Raditya Dika, Sakdiyah Ma’ruf, Jessica Farolan, Ge Pamungkas, Soleh Solihun.

Kompas TV, for taking my show on air. Johanna DK & her super team!

Uber thanks for XL as my sponsor. Hotrod 3G+ FTW!

Thank you CupCakes & Co, HolyCow Radal, Papa Rons Pizza, Tee Store, Coffee Toffee, Amidis.

My official ticketing partner Multiply Indonesia, kudos!

Media partners: RollingStone Magazine, Prambors Radio, Delta FM.

Last but not least, to you, all of you, who enjoy what I bring to the stage. That’s what this is all about.

From the bottom of my soul, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


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  1. Satryo Yudo Utomo

    Mas, saya boleh minta izin bikin kaos “milik pribumi” yg kaya mas ya mas…
    Mohon maaf sebelumnya
    SELAMAT untuk #MeremMelekTour nya 🙂

  2. ada Yoel Yaspier, Arie Kriting, dan Fito. yeah Malang! Terima kasih koh buat tur yang sudah banyak memunculkan inspirasi dan semangat belajar 🙂

  3. Bang saya boleh minta izin buat bikin baju “milikpribumi”nya? maaf sebelumnya. Ditunggu tour2 selanjutnya.

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