Monthly Archives: October 2009

Do You Have Your Haters?

If you do, that means you matter. Take Pee Wee Gaskins a.k.a Peskins, for example. This phenomenal Jakarta band has spawned a group of people called anti-peskins:


Gotta admit, these boys are truly awesome. Regardless of the quality of their live performance, they can walk tall as the first – and so far, the only – band in Indonesia who grew big from Myspace. As per today, their songs have been listened to for more than a whopping 1,7 million times:


Not to mention, they currently have over 200,000 fans on Facebook (twice the number RAN have). So, having your haters is never bad. It comes with the buzz. It’s a sign that you’re worth it.



Hari Batik

It’s nice to see people wearing batik everywhere today. Berbarengan dengan ditetapkannya batik sebagai world heritage oleh UNESCO, Presiden SBY pun menetapkan 2 Oktober sebagai Hari Batik Nasional. Which is quite sumfin, I’d say. Soalnya ga ada kan “Hari Angklung Nasional” atau “Hari Keroncong Nasional”. Batik apparently is now the pinnacle of Indonesian cultural heritage.

Yang pasti, beberapa hari kedepan, Facebook dan sejenisnya akan diramaikan oleh hasil foto bareng pasukan berbatik. Do you have yours? Here’s mine if you can find me 🙂



The World Could Use Less ASAP

I think we’ve been using the term ASAP (As Soon As Possible) much to frequently. Trust me, most of the times, ASAP can be replaced with a more certain “next Tuesday” or “5 o’clock today”, but we’re just too lazy to make that commitment.

I believe the less ASAP we commit ourselves to use, the more productive we will all be.