An Afternoon With Bob Sadino

I was having our dr.m book club session with Nike, Amet, & Mariska at Kemciks’ terrace earlier today when a very familiar-looking man approaches. “Hai, lagi pada ngapain?”, he greets with a warm smile. That man is Bob Sadino – founder of Kemciks, the anti-academic billionaire entrepreneur who’s famous for his modesty.

With his ever-present pair of washed out denim shorts, he sat down and joined the talk; giving us a bit of advise on business. It was brief and simple: “Always try to be the FIRST. If you’re not the first, then you have to be BETTER. If you can’t be neither, just be DIFFERENT”. Nice 🙂

Seems like we could chat for hours and he won’t ran out of stories. But unfortunately about half an hour later, he left. Just before that, we took a picture: (Mariska, Amet, Nike, him, me)


Thanks, sir. You’re one in a million.



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