Being A Leader Sucks…

lead by example

…because it demands so much of you. Patience, wisdom, courage, consistency, and other serious stuffs. Plus, it’s inescapable. Once we start to have at least one subordinate – or team member if you prefer – that means the baton’s passed on. We can’t choose to not lead. It’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility.

This captainhood is quite new to me. Only for the last seven months, I’m starting to learn the ropes; leading a team of three bright youngsters. As the old saying goes, the best leaders lead by example. That’s very true, but unfortunately that doesn’t cover the whole nine yards. Setting good examples is one thing, but developing a human being both personally and career-wise is a whole different ball game. It’s clearly an uphill ride. Luckily, challenge does nothing but gets me fired up 🙂

Richard Bronson said, “Don’t lead sheep, herd cats.” Well Mr. Bronson, I’ve handpicked my team of cats, and now I’ll try my best to herd them. Wish me luck.



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a husband, a father, comedian. guess which one makes me laugh the hardest?

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