Time To Move On?

Take a pause and try answering these questions:
1. Do you wake up every morning feeling disgruntled because you have to spend an entire day at work, doing something that you can’t enjoy?
2. Do you have any concern in what your company’s destination and how it may affect you?
3. Do you believe that your boss won’t be able to groom you into a better person both personally and career-wise?
4. Do you drain yourself emotionally and physically believing that your current job is only a “phase” until you finally find the right time to pursue your passion?
5. Do you constantly wish today is Friday?

If you answer “yes” to at least three of the five questions above, then it’s time to move on. There’s no such thing as perfect timing, someone told me. And I truly believe that. MAKE your timing. Your fate is in YOUR hands.



About @ernestprakasa

a husband, a father, comedian. guess which one makes me laugh the hardest?

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  1. Hi E!
    Nama kita mirip ya…
    Ed & Ern…
    Gue malah menjawab 4 prtanyaan dengan kata Ya. Parah. Tapi mencari kerja itu susah & utk menjadi idealis, jarang yang bisa menghasilkan uang. Gimana ya. Susah. Suck it up & stop bitching aja deh.

  2. ernest prakasa

    Hi Ed 🙂

    suck it up n stop bitching? are u really that out of options?
    i believe we often underestimate our own potentials 🙂

  3. Hi Er.
    Yes, I am THAT out of options. It’s really hard to find a new job. *maybe my resume aren’t that impressive…*
    Yes I know, but at this time, I know my limit. I’ve pushed it, but the outcome is still kwa-kwa-kwa.

  4. ernest prakasa

    “keep trying” may sound cliche, but it’s sadly true :p

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