Si Cantik Terminal 3


Minggu lalu saya pertama kali mengunjungi Terminal 3 Cengkareng, yang baru beroperasi sebulan ini. Kesan pertama sih ga jauh ama KL & Bangkok, kaca gede dimana-mana plus bentuk atap yang seperti payung. Ternyata saya baru tau kalo dua unsur tadi adalah untuk optimalisasi pencahayaan ruang menggunakan tenaga matahari, jadi hemat listrik. Go green gitu ceritanya.

Anyway, sampai saat ini baru 2 maskapai penerbangan domestik yang menggunakan terminal ini, yaitu Mandala & Air Asia. Apakah orang akan berpaling ke 2 airlines ini demi menikmati kenyamanan ekstra? Menurut saya sih sangat mungkin, apalagi kompetitor lain seperti Lion & Batavia sepertinya belum punya added value tandingan.

Setelah saya intip, ternyata Mandala sendiri sudah memajang pemberitahuan di situs mereka tentang hal ini. Yang saya bingung, Air Asia yang biasanya inovatif malah belum mempromosikan hal ini, padahal mereka relatif sering mengirimkan promo melalui SMS. Apa sengaja menunggu semua tennant di Terminal 3 fully operating? Rasanya kok sayang ya. Justru mumpung masih anget, bukannya justru akan bikin orang penasaran? 🙂



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  1. yadayadayada

    As you know, the terminal itself is not 100% completed and is still waiting to be officially opened by the president (hopefully it’s still be SBY by then). Until it is officially opened for service, the current airlines who ‘dare’ to occupy the 3rd port/terminal, despite its lack of facilities (I’ll get to that later) receive a certain discount rate for renting the hauls (some cab drivers said that the discount is as high as 50% off the normal haul rental rate). Which is understandably done by PT. Angkasa Pura to generate pre-opening cash.

    I personally think it’s very uncomfortable for passangers to walk or wait around the port/terminal. Which begs me to question your opinion on how people would somehow turn to these two airlines because of the fact that they operate at the new terminal.

    Firstly, all arriving passangers must walk down from airplanes using stairs (instead of that connecting tunnel from airplane’s door to the port-building, I forgot what they call it as), and like another 1 kilometer from entrance door to exit door; aren’t they suppose to provide that horizontal elevator for walking?

    Secondly, the cab/bus arrangement sucks big time. There’s no decent place for arriving passangers to wait for cabs or busses. If you arrive at daylight, I swear the sunlight/heat can be such a pain on your skin since you have to wait right under the burning sun while waiting for busses or cabs. I don’t know how they handle rain just yet. And the cabs usually take longer to arrive to the waiting area to pick up customers since there’s about 4km from the cab area to #3. Thank God, three of the most reliable cabs are there, BlueBird, Gamya, and Express.

    Thirdly, which is the most disturbing fact, is passangers security. (I should have made this number one priority I think). I used to fly Mandala, and arrive at Jakarta sometimes around 18.00 to 20.00. Everytime I get off the plane, I was always faced by several airport vehicles going around here and there, without any clear sign of where the passangers should walk on. I even had to stop one of the vehicles myself once.

    Simply put, it’s poorly managed. I don’t think it’s such a biggie of a problem to operate the terminal even before everything is ensured to be available and properly functioning by international standards (hey, it’s an international airport). But as always, in Indonesia, HOW people use, operate, and manage the assets and resources has always been the pain-in-the-ass. I am more than sure there are non-costly mitigating solutions to handle the things I ranted above. It just seems the people there are already too satisfied with what’s already there.

    Having said that, it’s not as if the current terminals are actually better than the new one. But to change flying preference because of comfort experienced at the new airports the airways operate, well, I doubt that Indonesian people value their money that much/critically just yet. Mandala has the stinkiest delay habits, whilst Air Asia’s stewardess are ass-#oles; they all sound and look snarky.

    Heh. Can’t wait until it is officially opened and operated.

  2. ernest prakasa

    apart from the incomplete development, i think the negatives u mentioned are also present at other terminals as well. This one is so bling bling dude, people would dig it! :p

  3. i extensively use the other terminals, even for airways like Sriwijaya, Adam Air, Lion Air, Batavia Air (jambi or sampit, hiks); at least there, the wandering vehicles are a lot more coordinated, seriously. and I don’t think the distance from the arrival gate to exit door in terminal 1 and 2 is not as long as in the new terminal. oh well like i said, #1 and #2 are not better, but at least they’re more passanger friendly in terms of functionality, not presentation.

    i was impressed the first time I saw #3 too, but after three times being there post tiring flights (the usual case for any flights actually), the bling bling could only do me so much. at the end of the day, if Lion Air or Sriwijaya were the flights available at terminal #3, i would still choose Mandala.

    i guess love at first sight never really lasts that long. LoL

  4. ernest prakasa

    So it’s the airways then, not the terminal..which kinda make sense for me as well..kyknya dimanapun terminalnya gw akan tetep ber-air asia-ria :p

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